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Membership in the Vaca Valley Figure Skating Club runs from July 1 to June 30.  As a member of the club, you will also become a member of U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) at no additional cost (applies to all membership categories except Associate Member).

The club, through membership in USFS, encourages figure skating skills and knowledge through a series of tests to measure the accomplishments of the skater in the four areas of figure skating. These are Skating Skills (Moves In The Field), Free Skating, Pair Skating and Ice Dancing. Skaters must be members of USFS before they can be tested. This system is used as a base for skaters to qualify for the various levels of competition.


Membership Activities:

Spring Preview: A Showcase Competition

This gives our skaters the opportunity to show off their entertaining abilities as they perform their routines early in the competitive season.

Red, White, and Blue Ice

An annual competition sponsored by VVFSC. This gives our skaters the opportunity to compete at their home rink and gain competition experience before traveling to other cities to compete. It is also a major fund raiser for the club.

Test Sessions

Where skaters test at the various USFS proficiency tests to progress and develop in their chosen skating fields. These tests are the basis for the levels at which the skaters will enter competition.

Our club continues to be dependent on the volunteer service of its members. All of the above activities require many people doing small jobs or a few people doing it all. In order to continue providing the benefits we are all accustomed to, we encourage each family to support their skater and donate their time and expertise to volunteer for the club.

Sanction Rules

If you wish to test at another rink, perform in an exhibition or show at another rink or club, or be in a competition you must first receive written approval from an officer or the VVFSC Test Chair to participate. There are no exceptions to these USFS rules. Remember to seek this permission in a timely manner.

Competitor Support

Please see the Competitor Support policy that is included with the membership application package.

Club Bylaws

A copy of the club bylaws can be found here.